MP3 files transferred to Audio Cassette

MP3 transferred to Cassette

Transfer your MP3, WAV or AIFF files to Cassette

As well as transferring your audio cassettes to digital files, many customers look to have their Wav, AIFF or MP3 files transferred to audio cassettes. This may sound strange to some people however there is a current audio cassette revival with people looking to have their music put back onto cassette. 

Audio Cassette TransferWe can transfer from any audio file type to a cassette as all transfers are done using our computer systems connected directly to a Technics RS-BX601 cassette deck. We use this cassette deck for recording as it offers automatic calibration for Bias, Level and equalisation for the cassette used for recording too.

MP3 transfer to cassette tapeWe generally use Maxell UR type 1 cassettes as these offer good-quality recordings with very few issues from ageing provided they are looked after. We can supply other makes and types of cassettes or you are welcome to supply your own. If supplying your own cassette we recommend that you check it for damage such as stickiness or mould before sending or handing it into us.

Viny Record TransferAs well as transferring your digital files to cassette we can also transfer your records and audio reels to cassette, we use the same process and equipment to transfer your records and reels. We can filter out the noise such as crackles, pops, clicks and hiss before transferring to ensure the cleanest audio transfer to the cassette. However, if you prefer the background pops, clicks and hiss left in then we can also leave it as it is.

If you have any questions or need advice on the choice of cassettes please feel free to get in touch. We can be contacted by using the form below or give us a call, we are also available on social media or via webchat.

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