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Transfer your Vinyl 7″ and 12″ Vinyl Records and Shellac 10″ 78rpm Records to MP3 files



33, 45, 78rpm Record Transfer to MP3

33, 45 and 78rpm Vnyl and Shellac transferWe offer a high-quality vinyl and Shellac record transfer service to MP3 files, we never transfer and convert straight to MP3 files as this can produce poor results. We use the Audio Technica LP5x which is connected directly to a Sony DTC-750 D.A.T recorder using the Phono (RCA) cables, the signal is then passed to our computer using the optical digital out connection to offer the best transfer possible. Once we have your record captured, we will use the latest restoration software to reduce the background crackle and pops that can make your records sound annoying and distract from your listening pleasure.

7" Vinyl SingleWe can transfer your 7″ and 12″ singles, we are also able to handle coloured vinyl as well as shaped picture discs. Most LP records play at 33rpm however we can transfer records that play at 45rpm. We also transfer Shellac 10″ records that play at a speed of 78rpm, when transferring 78 records we use a specially designed stylus as a regular stylus will damage your delicate and precious 78 records. As standard, we will provide a track for each side of the record however, we are also able to offer an optional track splitting service.

Viny Record TransferBefore transferring your record we will inspect it for any damage and remove any excess dust from the surface, when removing the dust we use a soft carbon fibre brush to prevent damage to the record. For compact discs, we typically capture your audio at 16bit 44.1 kHz as this is CD quality that all compact disc players are compatible with. On request, we can capture your records at 24 bit 48 kHz however, these will not play on a traditional compact disc player. We can put these files onto a disc as WAV or AIFF files which will play on most DVD or Blu-Ray players that are compatible with data compliant discs.

Additional Services

VConvert and transfer records to MP3 filesAs standard you will receive a separate file for each side of your record, we offer upgrade options of track splitting, as well as additional editing services if it’s required. The cost for track splitting is £5.00 per record, track splitting is possible as long as there is a detectable gap between the tracks. We use a combination of software packages to capture, restore and edit your audio depending on what is required.

Rstor your Vinyl RecordsFor capture, we use either Adobe Audition or Avid Pro tools both of which use the Izotope RX restoration software to reduce any background noise from your older analogue formats. We also use Izotope RX to fix any EQ issues that are common when digitising shellac 78 records. For editing, we offer a range of services that include basic cuts or normalize tracks, we can also offer more advanced audio editing which can include but is not limited to levelling audio, de-Essing, De-Clipping, De-Rustle, De-Hum, De-Wind and general editing such as cutting out parts of the audio, our audio editing costs start at £30.00.

Audio TransferFor copyright reasons we are unable to reproduce any original artwork from your records, we can make one backup copy of any copyrighted material as long as it’s for your own use and not going to be distributed to anyone that doesn’t own the original recording. You are entitled to keep the backup copy as long as you have the original record in your possession, if you sell, give away or throw out the original record legally you are not allowed to keep the backup copy.

Please contact us to discuss your editing requirements and for a personalised quote. You can contact us directly by using the contact form below or alternatively, get in touch by social media, WhatsApp or phone.


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7" Single, 12" Single, LP up to 60 minutes, LP over 60 minutes, Shillac 78

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