Minidisc and DAT Transfer to CD, WAV, AIFF or MP3
We can transfer your Minidisc or DAT Tapes.

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Transfer and convert Minidisc and DAT Digital Audio Tape
33, 45, 78rpm Transfer to CD or Digital

Minidisc and DAT (Digital Audio Tape)Transfer and Conversion

We can transfer and convert your Minidisc and DAT tapes. we never capture straight-to-disc or lower-quality files as this does not offer the highest quality. Instead, we capture your Minidisc and DAT tapes as uncompressed WAV files using either Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Audition or Izotope RX.

Minidisc TransferFor transferring Minidiscs we use a Sony MDS-JE330 Minidisc deck which gets connected directly to a Sony DTC-750 DAT recorder, which feeds the audio signal into one of our computers via digital optical cable for the best transfer quality possible. We can capture, transfer and convert Minidiscs recorded in both standard and long play formats.

D.A.T Digital Audio Tape TransferFor transferring DAT also known as Digital Audio Tape we use a Sony DTC-750 DAT recorder which then passes the signal from the tape deck directly to one of our computers. We can capture Digital Audio Tapes recorded in long play mode as well as tapes recorded in standard mode. Our DAT deck can also play tapes recorded at the higher frequency of 48KhZ as well as standard 41.1 KhZ

Audio formats we transfer toOnce we have transferred your Minidisc or DAT tape we will then convert it to the required file format that you require, if you have chosen CD we will convert firstly to WAV files before creating your audio compact disc. If you have chosen digital files we convert to the required audio file format, as standard, we offer WAV, AIFF or MP3.

Both WAV and AIFF offer uncompressed quality to match the quality of CD however, MP3 files are compressed so offer lower quality but have smaller file sizes. As both Minidisc and DAT tapes are digital they don’t usually contain background noise however, if there has been audio recorded from analogue sources on them we will also filter out any unwanted noise.

Digital DownloadOnce your files have been created they can be put onto a USB drive which your welcome to supply alternatively we can supply one at an additional cost starting from £9.00 for a 16gb Sandisk Ultraflair. We also offer a digital download service at an additional cost of £10.00 per order.